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Finally we can proudly present to you the next video in the series, the very Best of Epic Music 2016 - 1 hour full of stunning cinematic. Volume up and enjoy every bit of it, you don't want to miss anything!
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usic List:

00:00 Chapter 1: The Infinity World
audiomachine - Festival of Light
Liquid Cinema - Ember
Liquid Cinema - Catalyst

05:53 Chapter 2: Follow Your Dreams
EpicMusicVN - We Are
Chroma Music - We Will End This Fight

11:30 Chapter 3: Flames of Heroes
Twelve Titans Music - Celestial Motion
Titania Music - Let's Spread Hope
Amadeus Indetzki - To Infinity
Antti Martikainen - One Against The World

20:44 Chapter 4: The Truth
Randy Dominguez, David Eman & Trevor DeMaere - Universe Rising

25:18 Chapter 5: Shattered
Imagine Music - Night Skyscrapers
James Everingham - Dimension

29:22 Chapter 6: Bang and Burn
PostHaste Music - Saving The Day
Sons of Pythagoras - Winds of change
audiomachine - Bang and Burn

34:03 Chapter 7: The Blood Of My Brothers
Songs To Your Eyes - Blood Of My Brothers
PostHaste Music - Omega Point

39:36 Chapter 8: Fantasy and Reality
Revolt Production Music - Liquid Silver

42:16 Chapter 9: Wonder Woman
Kári Sigurðsson - Beyond The Horizon

45:53 Chapter 10: Wedding in the Dream
PostHaste Music - Cerulean

48:24 Chapter 11: Return Of The Hero
Brand X Music - Din Duin
Soundmopi - Return Of The Hero

53:07 Chapter 12: The Anger of Nature
Marcus Warner - In The End

57:25 Credit:
Phil Rey - Heart of Lore (ft. Felicia Farerre)
Gothic Storm - Roots

1:00:10 Chapter 13: What is Epic Music?
Songs To Your Eyes – In The Name Of Queen