What is the best way to learn data analysis for a beginner?
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This video is meant for individuals who are yet to take their first step into the emerging field of Data Analytics. We have tried to cover various aspects associated with the skill set, placement and salary expectations, basic definitions and wide applications of Analytics.

What is the best way to learn data analysis for a beginner?
I think completing the following free courses from Udacity will take you from zero to hero. (The first one is from SoloLearn: Learn to Code )

The courses are in order. These are very nicely prepared courses and I think anyone willing to enter the data science field should start with these. Take them in order:

  1. Python 3 Tutorial
  2. Intro to Descriptive Statistics | Udacity
  3. Inferential Statistics: Learn Statistical Analysis | Udacity
  4. Intro to Data Analysis | Udacity
  5. Data Wrangling with MongoDB Online Course | Udacity
  6. Exploratory Data Analysis Using R | Udacity
  7. Intro to Machine Learning Course | Udacity
  8. Data Visualization and D3.js Course | Udacity
  9. A/B Testing | Udacity
Each of these programs come with small and large scale projects which will further look awesome on your resume. I searched for various other courses too. But I think these is the best curriculum. I will soon be finishing the last few programs and I did gain a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of Data Science.